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Total Recall

Total Recall is the project that I worked on in the summer of 2003 as an Extreme Blue intern at IBM. Since I don't understand all of the legal stuff that goes along with working for a big company, I'm not sure how much I can say about it, though we were allowed to speak to PC Magazine about it so they could write this article, so that information is in the public domain. Also, 9 patent disclosures came out of the Total Recall project, of which I was listed on 6.

UPDATE! 10/14/04
Today, Google released its own desktop search tool, and according to the Seattle Times, Google Desktop Search was code-named Total Recall! I find the coincidence a little uncanny, so I emailed the author, asking her to double-check her facts about the code name. She wrote back and assured me that there was no mistake -- both projects are code-named Total Recall.

Here I am demoing (the real!) Total Recall to IBM CEO Sam Palmisano (August 2003):

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