More Extensions

These are Firefox extensions written by other people that I use and recommend.


If you haven't been to, then you should check it out today. It provides logins and passwords for web sites that force you to create an account before viewing their content (such as The New York Times). With the BugMeNot Firefox extension, you can right-click in the login box of a web site, select BugMeNot, and BugMeNot will do its best to provide a working username and password for the site so you don't have to go through the registration process yourself!

Duplicate Tab

Duplicate Tab allows you to open a copy of the same tab with the browser history copied as well. Thus, if you are about to follow a series of unknown links and you do not want to lose your browsing history, then just duplicate the current tab and continue browsing. If your web surfing goes awry, then you can just return to the duplicated tab.

IE View

IE View lets you open the current page in Internet Explorer. If you're creating a web site and you want to see how it looks in the "other" browser, this is a handy extension. It's also convenient when you reach a page that only works with IE for security reasons or whatnot.

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