Michael Bolin's 6.170 Recitation

This web site is for students in the recitation that I am teaching for 6.170 Fall 2004. The recitation meets Thursday afternoons from 2-3pm in 34-302 and my office hours are after recitation from 3-5pm in 32-044A.
Recitation Notes
9/16 Recitation 2
9/23 Recitation 3
10/7 Recitation 5
10/14 Recitation 6
10/28 Recitation 8
Recommended Readings
Athena Pocket Reference
The Java IAQ
Programming by Coincidence
Writing a Code Generator
in Java
The Story of Mel
A Comparative Overview of C#
Beating the Averages
J2SE 5.0 New Features
If you are a student in my section, then I expect you to follow these three rules:
  1. Please call me Michael. I really don't like being called Mike. Also, please note that it is spelled Michael, not Micheal. I guarantee that all the other Michaels you meet in your life will appreciate it if you can spell their name correctly. Similarly, if I misspell your name, or use one that you do not like, then please correct me.
  2. Show up for class. 5% of your grade in 6.170 is based on participation, so if you do not show up for class, then you will not receive any credit for this part of your grade.
  3. Hand in your work on time. The course policy for 6.170 is that late work will not be accepted. Exceptions to this rule may be made in extenuating circumstances, but such exceptions can only be granted by the lecturers. Thus, if you have an extenuating circumstance, and you need an extension, then email your request to 6.170-lecturers@mit.edu and CC me on it.

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