Page Count of Closure: The Definitive Guide versus Time

Indicates full-time employment concurrent with writing.
This is a graph of my progress on Closure: The Definitive Guide. It is generated using the history in the Subversion repository for the book and is updated every six hours by checking for updates to the PDF. The page count admittedly includes things like the table of contents and the preface, so it is a slight overestimate of how much I have actually written.

It may be confusing why the graph does not quite start at zero. That is because I wrote two chapters before I started with O'Reilly, so those went into the repository right away. There is also the near-vertical line in the third week of January where I had held back from checking things in because they weren't ready for Rough Cuts, so once the first draft of the book went live on Rough Cuts, I checked everything in.